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Ecologic Energy External Wall Insulation

External Solid Wall Insulation (EWI)

External Wall Insulation (EWI) wraps the home in an insulating blanket keeping it cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, not only improving the energy efficiency but also the aesthetics of your home.

The first thing to establish, of course, is whether your home has been built with solid walls – and if your property is dated pre-1920, the answer is likely to be yes. You can double-check by measuring the width of the wall – if it’s less than 260mm, it’s likely to be a single solid wall.


If your home has solid walls, the bricks will have an alternating pattern, with some bricks laid across the wall so you can see the smaller ends from the outside.

How does external wall insulation work?

External wall insulation involves mechanically fixing a 90mm insulation board to the wall, followed by mesh, undercoat, primer then finally a 1.5mm textured silicone render or brick slip finish. This can be applied without disruption to the household and does not reduce the floor area of your home.


  • Will renew the appearance of outer walls.

  • Will improve weatherproofing and sound resistance.

  • Fills cracks and gaps in the brickwork, which will reduce draughts.

  • Increases the lifespan of your walls by protecting the brickwork.

You may need planning permission (check with your local council). Will require good access to the outer walls, Possible scaffolding (where needed). 

How long does External Wall Insulation last for?

It’s designed to a minimum of 30 years, you will receive the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee from SWIGA which runs for 10 years*.

For before and after pictures of our EWI past projects please take a look at our EWI Projects Page.

Download our External Walls fact sheets for more information on the material we use.


To get quote for your external wall insulation contact us today

* 25 year guarantee for Government funded schemes.

Different types of wall

          Licatatherm EPS Board     



          Webertherm Mineral Wool                     


          Instaclad EPS Board

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